After Hours Check In Procedure

After Hours Check In Procedure


1.When you arrive at Casa el Pío,

look to the left of the gate and down behind the plant. You should see a small black box with the word COCOWEB on the front.There is a small black sliding door that is covering the numbers. Slide this down to see the 4 tumblers.

2. Enter the code

we will email you a code prior to your arrival. Enter this 4 digit code into the tumblers, left to right.

3. Once entered, the box should tilt towards you.

Take care to not let the keys fall into the plants.

4. There may be more than one set of keys inside

look for the ones marked with your name and room number.

5. Close the box

scramble the numbers and slide the door back up.

6. One of the keys on your set has some blue paint on it. This is the one to open the gate

Please enter and lock it behind you. Please follow steps 5 and 6 carefully to ensure the safety of the other guests.

7. Find your room:

#5 is up the stairs directly inside, #1 and #2 are up the second set of small steps further inside and #3 and #4 are up the back steps past the pool.

8. Use the other key on your set to open the door to your room

There will be a welcome packet on the bed that will help you get oriented with your room and with the island.

9. Our manager, Jose, will be in the office the next day

from 9am-12pm to greet you and answer any questions you may have.